Datasets as Imagination,Reboot (2023).

Data Governance is AI Governance,” Credo AI (2023).

On personalized media, alternative AI writing futures, and reconciling the poetic with the political,” Embeddings (2023).

On tradeoffs in language models, weirdness of decoding methods, and writing as a communicative act,” Embeddings (2023).

On the subjectivity of human-language model interactions and new paradigms for LM evaluation,” Embeddings (2023).

TikTok on the Clock: A Call for Increased Urgency in the Research of Mis/Disinformation on TikTok,” Stanford Internet Observatory (2022).

A Labor Movement for the Platform Economy,Harvard Business Review (2021).

This is a small sample of my recent writing. More samples are available upon request. 

Media Coverage:

Building the Next Generation of AI Scholars,” Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute (2023).